August 22, 2012

Whatcha Find Wednesday

Hey everyone! It's Whatcha Find Wednesday!
I can't believe how fast summer is winding down. As with many families, today was our first day back to school. This year our daughter has entered the first grade, meaning that she will be attending school now for a full day. Because no laws have been passed in Ohio saying our children have to buy a school lunch we have opted to brown paper bag it for the school year.(We of course will be putting together a lunch sack she can use on a daily basis to be a bit more economical.) And why shouldn't we? We have had a successful year in our garden and have been able to put back quite a bit. We have the opportunity to not only save on the cost to purchase the lunch but also provide a healthy alternative to our child.

This week for you we have:
An Egg?
Why yes it is an egg with no outer shell. For some reason one of our hens has laid a few of these. We have tried to help prevent this occurrence by putting out ground up oyster shells and eggs shells to help increase their calcium intake. Maybe she has a calcium deficiency. We are not sure, but it's still kind of neat to find these every now and again.
I hope everyone is having a great week, I know we are. Happy hunting.
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