August 29, 2012

Whatcha Find Wednesday

    Boy this week is flying by fast. Maybe I'm just really looking forward to having an extended weekend/week off from work, for vacation/labor day, that is making the time fly by. This next week we are going to try to post a little more of what we have been busy doing here around the homestead because I will have some time on my hands. With new baby chicks, that just hatched Sunday, we decided to have a stay-cation. This means we will be spending the time off here at home. I'd like to say by having a stay-cation we will be able to save some money, but we are needing to put some fencing up and build some frames to hold bunny cages for the rabbits we are hoping to bring home next weekend. 
    I know it's not just me, but do you every put off completing a project because you don't have anything to get you hands on right after you finish? I love when I complete projects, but I do find myself putting off finishing them, not because I don't have time to finish them, but because I have really enjoyed working on them and don't want to see them come to an end. It's hard to just sit back and look at what we made, we are always walking around and seeing how we can make it better, like a never ending piece of art.

For this weeks Whatcha Find Wednesday we have for you:

A couple hot air balloons landing in some nearby fields.

With Autumn rolling in, the weather has been perfect for the people who operate and ride in hot air balloons. We have been seeing more and more out and about. Not too long ago, we actually had one pass right over our back yard, low enough to have a loud conversation. Too bad I didn't have the camera then. As they say, hind sight is 20/20.
I hope everyone has a great and productive week. Happy hunting.
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