June 20, 2012

Chicken Tractor Delux

    Each day that passes our chickens continue to get larger and a step closer to maturing into active roosters and laying hens.

    We have noticed that since the chickens are quickly growing our initial chicken coop is becoming no longer adequate to house the entire flock. They are fine throughout the day as they free range however at night there are a few skirmishes between the chickens fighting over spots to roost.

    In order to create more space, Lenny decided to offset the need of building an additional coop by constructing a chicken tractor. Here at the homestead we try to be as thrifty as possible and try to use as many materials on hand as possible. For this project we used 17 2x4s, scrap T1-11 boards from when we constructed our workshop off the back of our home, old tongue and groove boards, tree branches, some scrap chain link fencing, and chicken wire we had lying around.

Front Side and Interior
Lenny put together a simple a-frame using the 2x4s, used the tongue and groove board for the floor of the housing, and used the T1-11 boards for the sides and laying boxes.


Front Center. This will be considered the run. Where chickens are able to run around and look for bugs.

Back side with hinged door for easy access to housing when cleaning, Nesting boxes off the side

Old pair of skis to help move the chicken tractor around the yard

Finished Product...almost
Used the chain link fencing and chicken wire to enclose the run

Still need to put a latch on the laying boxes, a log will do in the mean time. The chicken tractor is roughly 8' long, 7' tall, and 6' wide.

For any questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment or e-mail us at thehomesteadjones@yahoo.com.

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  1. Anonymous6/21/2012

    That turned out pretty cool. I especially like the old skis :) Well done you two!