July 18, 2012

Whatcha Find Wednesday

    Hey everyone it's that time of the week again. It's Whatcha Find Wednesday! This week has provided some good finds and today we are finally getting some much needed rain. As some of you may know a good portion of the country has been pretty dry this summer creating drought conditions and increased risks for wild fires.

Today for you we have:

An oak banister with no signs of wear and tear. It has a nice natural finish and all the balusters and hardware were in the box.

A few wicker tables, also in very good condition

Our first double yolk. We have had about 3 since then. Pretty neat since our hens just began laying a couple weeks ago. Lenny is pretty sure of which hen has been providing them. Is it normal for a single hen to be supplying double yolk eggs so soon and consistently?

A step 2 toy box. When checking out craigslist I found that these can go for anywhere between $25-$40 and someone just set it out for trash. I actually ran into the trash man while loading it into my van. He said he sees people throw stuff like this away all the time. Incredible.

I also picked up a few other items but one of them I'm holding onto until next week to show you what I have done to up-cycle it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and happy hunting. Enjoy the rain while it lasts and stay safe.

For any questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment or e-mail us at thehomesteadjones@yahoo.com.

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