July 26, 2012

Re-stocking your supplies without leaving the house

Here at the homestead we try to be as self sustainable and frugal as possible. When taking on projects we try to work with what we have and try to purchase as little as possible. The same mindset is used when we are putting back food and household necessities. We also try to use what we put back in order to create a healthy rotation of the goods we keep on hand. Most of the food we consume we are able to grow however there are a few items we need to outsource such as basic food staples.

Recently we decided to restock our rotations with:

20 lbs of sugar
40 lbs of salt
6 lbs of coffee
40 lbs of rice
2 lbs of dry milk
1 lb of black pepper
2.5 gal of bleach

All were purchased via Walmart's website. Walmart has many food staples online where if you purchase more than $45 of merchandise the shipping is free.

By deciding to purchase the above, using an online purchasing method, we were given the opportunity to save time, energy and fuel. You also end up removing yourself from a compromising position being surrounded my mass crowds and waiting in long checkout lines. This just made sense to us.

This method is meant for replenishing your inventory before it has been depleted. Shipping estimated a delivery in 6 days, so if you are needing some sugar or salt immediately this may not be ideal.

Store what you need and use what you store.

You should be treating your inventory just as a grocery store would by replenishing your shelves before they are depleted.

For any questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment or e-mail us at thehomesteadjones@yahoo.com.

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