March 28, 2012

Whatcha Find Wednesday

   With this warm weather, I have been seeing more and more yard/garage sales popping up around the neighborhood. Most the time I am never really looking for anything specific when I decided to pop into a garage sale. This year, that is going to change. Living a self sustainable lifestyle in its entirety can be very time consuming and very difficult if the proper resources are not available. You are always going to have a number of things that you will need to trade or barter for.

So the other day when I was out and about this is what I found.

A couple Taping Kits

We may not need these now, but I went ahead and picked them up to add to our medical kit. These are good for preventing new injuries or causing additional damage to existing injuries in such cases as a sprained ankle. I went ahead and paid a dollar for each of these. I probably could have gotten them cheaper but Gracye was bugging me, wanting to get new toys for her sandbox and I didn't want to stick around to haggle.

Feel free to e-mail to be added in next weeks Whatcha Find Wednesday and make sure you also include you URL if you have a website. Till next time see you on the flip flop.

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