May 1, 2013

Whatcha Find Wednesday

Hey everyone!

Boy is it good to be back. And what a great day to be back. High of 80 degrees today. Absolutely beautiful. I decided to chop 20 inches off my hair and donate it to locks of love, an organization that makes wigs out of real hair for people who have lost their hair due to cancer. Today feels like a fresh start. We are finally getting healthy after a pretty bad bout of stomach bugs and seasonal allergies, fresh cut grass, and freshly planted seeds and trees.

A couple weeks back I had mentioned how everyone seems to be cleaning house with spring cleaning and so today for Whatcha Find Wednesday I'm going to share a few of the items we have been able to pick and them some.

So this is what we have found:

A bench in decent shape, just need to add/replace a couple boards

A couple saw horses

heated ceiling panels

An old GE sander that still works

Well, we didn't find these girls, I just wanted to share how big our new girls are getting and boy are they funny.

Baby rabbits in their nest we found when Len was cutting grass. He was worried, when he caught one hopping around the garden, that we would have to take care of it not knowing where it came from. But, after some looking I was able to locate the nest and safely return it to it's family. Aren't they cute!
Here I am with my new do and beautiful view.
Well I hope everyone has a great day and rest of the week.
Till next time, we'll see you on the flip flop.
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