December 19, 2012

Whatcha Find Wednesday

Well the weather in Ohio is crazy, as usual. It was pretty nice out this past weekend. I'd like to say it was in the 60s but I never looked at the thermometer. Warm enough to wear a sweatshirt and be ok. Now we are looking at below freezing temperatures by tomorrow. Crazy. We were able to get out and work on a few things around the house that we didn't think we would be able to in colder weather which was nice. Plus, I got to get out and check on the baby bunnies, which are growing nicely. They all are getting their fur and are moving around in the nesting box quite a bit. One adventurous kit even managed to get outside the box and hop around for a little while before returning. I wanted to get a quick photo of it to share but wouldn't you know the batteries were dead in the camera when I wanted to use it.

Well this weeks Whatcha Find Wednesday I want to stress the importance of having a well prepared and easy to manage first aid kit.

The not too bad after math of me not watching where the heck I was going and meeting the concrete.
So the damage wasn't too bad, but, it bled for a while and was definitely sore the next day. In the process of searching for bandages I realized how unorganised our first aid situation was. We have boxes of regular sized bandages, bottles of peroxide, gauze, tape, athlete foot cream, alcohol pads, you name it all thrown into a box for the time being. It's good to have the stuff you need, but, what good is it if you have to dig to find it, if you can't find it  because it was just thrown in a box, or scattered around the house in medicine cabinets. Not very user friendly. It got me thinking, what if I ended up gashing my knee a little worse or needed something immediately? I sure don't want to trail blood all over the house in the hunt for bandages. So this weekend I am making it a point to obtain a box or bag of some sort, go through the box and cabinets, and getting everything organised. That way if something happens down the road we can be better prepared. I guess this is part of the learning process, and sometimes things get over looked until you need it. Thank goodness it was something small that led me to this oversight instead of something larger.
We hope everyone has a good week and take a few minutes to check out the status of your first aid situation to make sure everything is where you need it to be. Till next time we will see you on the flip flop.
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