September 26, 2012

Whatcha Finda Wednesday

Hey everyone, I hope y'all are having a great week. These past two weeks have been crazy and I do want to apologize for skipping last weeks Whatcha Find Wednesday. We had to say goodbye to a loved one and between setting up memorial services, getting things all sorted out, and the days getting shorter, there just hasn't been much time to hop on here to spread knowledge and give updates.

This week's Whatcha Find Wednesday is picture less because I didn't have a camera on hand. Instead it is the reason why a rotation is so important.

When our loved one passed away one of the things on top of our to do list was to remove ALL food from the home. That meant everything from the deep freezer to the fridge and pantry.  During the big clean out we came across a TON of out dated food. Some of those included Hamburger with a sell by date of 2003 (definitely freezer burned), Frozen garden vegetables going back to the 1990's, canned goods and refrigerated items going back just as far. I hate to say that we threw over half the food away based on it's age. If you ever find a gallon of mustard in a pantry that appears to have been opened and dates back quite a while....DO NOT OPEN IT. It will stink up the entire house and make you want to throw up.

As part of a healthy rotation you should never have anything that has a sell by/best used by date that goes back a great deal. You want to make sure buy or put up what you are going to use or eat. There is no sense in buying or putting up something if all it's going to do is take up space, just to go bad.

Also when putting up home canned goods, with a healthy rotation you should not have to worry about your rims and lids rusting out. That was another major thing we came across. Canned peppers and such where some of the contents had dried out because the lids had rusted through and the seals broken. I can't even imagine the smell that gave off over time. I really wish I had the camera to show you what we found but with everything that has been going on I just wasn't thinking about it.

Bring the older forward, add the newer to the back.

Happy Hunting and if I could ask one thing of everyone, tell the people you hold near and dear that you love them or that they hold a special place in your heart because life is short and there is only one guarantee in life and that is death.

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