June 13, 2012

Whatcha Find Wednesday

I hope everyone is having a great week! This week I have been busy digging a whole in order to create a bed for huglekulter. I was doing pretty good until I hit something hard in one of the corners. At first I thought it was a few rocks but as I would move the shovel around or try to dig in a parallel position I found that it was definitely NOT ROCKS. So this is what I found.

It appears it may be the old septic tank!
There is about 2 inches of concrete on top and a couple bricks that were used to cover the opening. We are thinking it is the old septic tank because to the left there were some old clay field tiles coming off of it.Lenny wants to do a little more investigating to see how large the object is but that means tearing up some of the brick walkway I just laid. Here's to another project put on the back burner. Hopefully, he will let me finish it up sometime this year that way I can finish other projects that were relying on getting this project done first. :)

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