March 14, 2012


Well we tilled the garden this week and found some more pieces of glass, some styrofoam from a coffee cup, and a piece of fabric. It's interesting what we usually find out there.

When we first moved to our home, our neighbors told us many intriguing stories about some previous owners.

One of the many stories they have told us in the six years we have been here went something like this.

Well the people that lived there were very unique. They were a family that would keep you on your toes. You would never know what to expect. They were a very nice family, just odd. They began accumulating a lot of junk. I think they began a junk business. You know, where people pay you to take their trash away. Instead of getting rid of the trash with their own each weekk, they would allow it to accumulate on their property. Then, when they went to move there was so much junk the county had to come in with some heavy equipment. They took as much as they could to the local dump and what they didn't or couldn't take they buried it. One of the many thing they were unable to haul away happened to be an old school bus. So the county ended up filling up the bus with some miscellaneous items and buried it  in your back yard.

So let me get this straight. I have a bus buried in my backyard. Are you serious? Yes they were dead serious. Well, because of the hoarding that the previous owner had done, we now will find many items from curling pins to vehicle thermostats to shards of glass here and there.

This may be amusing at times, but inconvenient at times as well. When I was growing up, we were allowed to have free range in our backyard. Happily running around without shoes on especially during the summer. Because of the previous owner we do not allow our children to roam around without proper footwear for the fear they will cut their toes on shards of glass that have made their way to the surface. We also have to be careful in our garden so we do not cut our hands when we are digging up potatoes and carrots.

So to everone out there, I hope you have a wonderful week and stay safe when planting in your gardens this summer because you never know what you will find.

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